The Workshop

Welcome to the first session of “Django a Montmartre. A three day workshop in the heart of one of the most genuine districts of Paris. Classes will take place between May 17th and 19th 2024 inclusive. They will cover the music of the Swing era as it has evolved today with a full tuition covering all the different aspects of the genre. We believe  that we have managed to create one of the most important meetings of the year qualitatively speaking with a pool of teachers second to none!  The number of students is limited to 30 divided into two classes of around 15 individuals so don’t wait too long if you intend to participate! We have chosen to have payments go through PayPal. This is to facilitate any financial difficulties as you may pay the 300€ fee in 4 times without extra cost!. We invite you to take a look around these pages… they should answer the questions you may have concerning your eventual participation. Should you need any further information please send us a mail via our “contact” form accessible at the bottom of each page. We look forward to meeting you in May and to sharing our mutual passion in music!

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