A three-day workshop immersing you in the music of gypsy guitar maestro Django Reinhardt.


The history of Django, Stéphane Grappelli and the Hot Club de France is closely linked to that of Montmartre.

This neighbourhood, known as the stronghold of painters at the turn of the century was also home to Django, Stéphane and the entire jazz aristocracy until the 1950s.

They both lived and worked here, as some of the most symbolic jazz venues of the pre-war years were located not far from the area.

The gypsy master created his own club “la Roulotte” just below Pigalle, while the violinist lived on rue d’Orchampt, then rue de Dunkerque until the end of his life.

Today, a unique atmosphere persists, reminiscent of the village it once was. It is only natural that a musician wishing to recreate this style should make a stop there for inspiration

It is an honour to direct this first edition of Django a Montmartre. Or should I say, Django and Stephane in Montmartre!

I will be supervising all the musical training.

It is my aim not only to share our knowledge of the style, but also to give us the opportunity to visit the most important places under the guidance of the fabulous Philippe Baudoin (I couldn’t have wished for a better guide for these walks). Philippe is also a famous pianist, and he’ll give you a masterclass in the history, harmony and style of those years.

Instrumental training will of course be at the heart of your stay!

There will be time for instruction from the crème de la crème of Parisian musicians and time for practice in small ensembles followed by evening musical outings.

Everything will be done to immerse participants in a world of Django and Stéphane culture. Whether you’re a beginner, an experienced musician or a professional, we’ll be there to help you make the most of your Montmartre experience.

This weekend is all about you as a performer.

Each participant will work with me in classes of no more than 15 people. I’ll be there to guide not only guitarists, but also violinists and all other instrumentalists. Because, whilst technique should be taught by people who share the same instrument, the music is universal!

I won’t be alone. I’ve invited some excellent musicians and pedagogues to join the adventure. You’ll discover different ways of thinking about music because there are always different ways of achieving the same result.

We are living in difficult economic times, and I wanted this three-day interlude to remain affordable so that swing and the joy of sharing music will once again resonate in Montmartre as it did in those days.

Join us next spring for a unique experience! ROMANE


The music of Django Reinhardt still inspires musicians today.

It’s a legacy that is not always easy to carry, but I strive to be worthy of it every day.

It is a unique lineage of guitarists that has endured through the lives of my grandfather, Babik, and myself to the present day. In the future, my children will pass on the baton to their offspring.

Jazz is an expression of freedom! Whether it’s the freedom to move, to think or to create, we must cherish and cultivate it as my grandfather so famously achieved.

Many festivals and workshops are organized with my grandfather’s music as the main theme. I’ve lost count of the number, but they’re happening all over the world.

I’m particularly happy to be patron of “Django a Montmartre”because it takes place in the place where Django lived until  the 1950s. It was here that he experienced all the vibrancy of the early days of the Hot Club de France!

I’ll be there to give some instruction, the same one I received from my father, the one he himself received from his father.

As such,“Django a Montmartre”will draw a direct line between the participants and Django  Reinhardt.

I look forward to meeting  you in May.

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