We did a thorough search of affordable hotels in the Montmartre area…
Given the period and the approach of the Olympic Games, the best prices are not yet available for standard hotel rooms in the Abbesses district, but we have found very affordable rooms in the “Caulaincourt” district, which is about twenty minutes’ walk from your classrooms! You can share a room, which reduces the cost considerably. Let us know if you have booked a room with extra beds and we will pass on the information to other students. We will keep you informed of the availability of beds.
You can also use Air BnB for rooms for less than €100 per night.
Some of these rooms have several beds for less than €200, which you can also share with other students, making them very affordable! We’ll add you to a discussion group as soon as you register, to keep you informed and enable you to communicate with other students. The sooner you start looking for accommodation, the better!
Don’t forget that you can find accommodation elsewhere in Paris
Find out which metro lines serve our district on the “setting the scene” page and try to avoid changing lines more than once when calculating your journey between your accommodation and your course.


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